Stuttgart, we are coming around!



We invite you to theflashgib Goldsprint competition, where riders on
stationary bikes compete against each other! The competition is part of
the group exhibition” J’ai mis un tigre dans mon vélo” which is based on
the fascination around fixed gear bikes and the associated urban
lifestyle. We aim to bring this lifestyle directly into theflashgib, to
run a competition in an artsy environment and to provide a showcase for
the riders as well as the art itself.

Be part of this and register for free here: or just come to theflashgib on saturday

And we heard rumours about a trick contest and a Stuttgart Fixed Gear
Polo match on saturday / sunday!

For those who like to be part at the Aftershowparty – and have no place
to stay so far –  here are some adresses of central hostels & hotels

when & where:

27.02.2010 at 20:00
Lautenschlagerstr. 22
70173 Stuttgart

help to spread the word! thanks!

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