Tournament Slots for the Worlds

Due to the crushing number of applications for the available tournament slots, a system has been developed that will hopefully select the 64 teams in the fairest way possible.

From Europe and North America will each have 27 slots, and Australasia 4. This leaves 6 remaining
slots. These slots will be played for in a preliminary tournament to be held in Berlin on August 12th.

The North American entrants will be decided by the North American Hardcourt Committee with help from Kevin and Jake ATL and should be finalized by April 15. All questions or concerns from North American teams should be directed to them.

As the Europeans lack a committee, the Berlin organizers undemocratically dictate this solution. Perhaps at this years Europeans in Geneva we can discuss the formation of a European committee.

The European slots will be allotted as follows:

UK 6
Germany 5
France 4
Switzerland 3
Spain 2
Italy 3
Netherlands 2
Denmark 1
Hungary 1

Each of these countries must select an Ambassador to communicate with us the method for selecting the eligible teams. We ask that all selections be finalized by April 30. Naturally, the proper way to carry out the selection process is to hold a national tournament, as is being done in UK and Italy.

If your team did not make the cut, that does not mean there will be no polo for you this summer in Berlin. Of the four polo courts, two will be dedicated to pickup games.

more infos here 

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