UK Bike Polo Championships 2010

Last weekend UK´s bike polo community gathered in Chanchester, ehm, sorry, Manchester, to determine the best team in the country. What a great weekend! Sunshine, afternoon BBQ, music, great games, great people. More of a bike polo festival than a tournament.

UK´s finest
Chillin´ in the sun
Who locked Matt out?
final brackets

Sunday´s top 8 games were stunning and exciting. Really high level polo. The 30 minutes final between Cosmic3 and Rotten Apples was amazing and breathtaking. See the unedited video of the game here. Finally, Cosmic3 got the trophy with a 4:3 win. Congratulations!

BAD Polo ranked 3rd and Josh from Polo Fiasco got MVP.

Top 3 and MVP
UK Champions 2010:  Cosmic3

This tournament was also the qualification for the WHBPC 2010. The Top 6 teams will come to Berlin in August:  Cosmic3, Rotten Apples, BAD Polo, Malice International, La Schmoove, Polo Fiasco. See you around guys!

Thanks to Adam, Chan, Woody and the rest of the Manchester crew for this amazing weekend, and to the Bikehouse boys Stephen and Ben for putting me up. And thanks to my fellow Sneakinsters John and Adam.

Yours, pOLOHOLICAngie


(pics by Tomasito and Angie)

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