Roller Derby sexier than Bike Polo?


We are shocked! Could it be that a roller derby is sexier than a bike polo game or a whole tournament?

“Cee Cee Sickness of E-Ville Roller Derby’s BlackGold Diggers shows no sympathy to the pedal pushers: “You got a bunch of grubby hippies on their grubby bikes swinging their homemade sticks.” Even Neil Macdonald, co-founder of Edmonton Bike Polo, admits that from “the guys’ perspective, yes, roller derby is sexier.”

In addition a roller derby is more dangerous: “Also, with its wrestling-on-skates format, derby is rough enough to need a referee. Bike polo is self-refereed using the golden rule: “just don’t be a dick.”

But bike polo scores, it is more accessible and more fun, but: “For having more balls than the bikers, derby is definitely more badass.”

Bike Polo vs. Roller Derby article here

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