Munich Maßcup review

After having the first night-before-maßcup-polo, we had a second night,

shortly after a tightly organized robin round,

some time to relax,

till the best eight competed for the golden beer mug

and Polosynthese finished first.

So nice to see you guys again, thanks to the organizers for making it possible and thanks to all the teams, Parisian Colored Clowns, Polosynthese, Dans Ta Gueule Puceau, Der Brauer und seine Trinker, Castrop-Rauxel Allstars, Kangaroo Attack, Wheelo, Handicapped Cologne, Bikepoint Allstars, SMA-Hannover, Chainbastards, Polo In-Team, Cucarachas for coming. It was a great tournament!

Pix by Colored Clown Hannes and Poloholica, the final ranking is posted here.

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