German Radpolo meets Bike Polo

Here it is the German version of bike polo, called Radpolo:

Not so long ago we had a German Radpolo team over for some Sunday tea. They came from Nürnberg and stayed the whole day playing polo with us. Some have been playing the German version of bike polo for 15 years, some for only half a year. They play indoors, 2 vs. 2, on a smaller court than the hardcourt version, and with special bikes: fixed gears, the seating position way back above the rear wheel. Only girls are allowed to play in the German Radpolo league. After having set a Guiness World record for playing Radpolo for 24 hours last year, their new experiment is to move to concrete, build up mixed teams and to kick all hardcourt asses!

Admittedly, it was strange to play them; they are more agile than we ever could be. Their gear ratio of 1:1 is better for a smaller court.
It was great fun! Thanks for opening our minds beyond hardcourt bike polo!


The wooden mallets are the official Radpolo mallets, same with the ball, bigger than our hockey ball



The first tests of the Radpolo bikes, fixed, 1:1 ratio, straight fork, flattened seat post



Getting to know the hardcourt



Hardcourt vs Radpolo



hard games


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