Außenansicht Bikepolo, VI.

“Resembling a tribe of urban Robin Hoods, the merry band gets down to business. Somewhere far away on a green expanse of real estate, bike polo’s pony-based predecessor is no doubt carrying on its traditions among pricey horseflesh, full-time grooms and magnums of Champagne. Here, however, the satisfying sound of ball against plastic is followed by a ‘ping’ as the projectile finds a chain-link fence. There are high-speed chases and instant emergency stops, crashing, weaving, scraping and scrapping as the quarry wiggles free. Occasionally the ball becomes airborne before being tamed again by the pack of hungry cyclists, circling like piranhas in a rough sea of grey tower blocks and crumbling concrete. They sail around smoothly before one casually, but decisively, puts the little orb between the traffic cones.”

Die fast philosophische Deutung stammt aus einem Artikel des Huckmagazine.

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Not trashy at all!

Trash Messenger Bags, a small company in Minneapolis, polished their website recently. Check it out and have a look at their gallery of custom-made bags.

Angie´s very happy with her Wastebasket pouch, it carries everything a messengerette needs.

And here´s our friend Doug with his custom-made “Douglife” Trash Bag. Awesome!

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The way we brake, II.

Roland from Bikepolo Munich has changed to freewheel, let’s see his idea of how he gets his bike stopped.

Common cross lever

nice cable hanger

back view

Please Roland, tell us how it works… 🙂

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Here are the results of the amazing 1st Imperia Tourney

Hier findet ihr alle Ergebnisse, hier und hier könnt ihr euch ein paar Fotos ansehen.

Danke Jungs, für dieses wunderschöne Wochenende!

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Einladung zum Nikolauspolo in München, 3.-5.12.10

Und hier ist die nächste Polo-Einladung, kommt alle vorbei zum Glühweinpolo!

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Bicycle Film Festival Athens 2010

Poloholica´s foreign correspondent Angie went to visit the first BFF in Athens, Greece. It was a great weekend, packed with art, rides, races, BMX exhibitions, oustanding movies and of course, the great people of the Athens cycling community.

Here are some impressions:

SPOKED! Art Show
λόκαλ memorabilia at SPOKED! Art Show
BMX Fun Jam
BMX Fun Jam

Freeday Ride
Cyclocross Race
The audience

Thank you Athens!

(Pics courtesy of Angie, Ilias Meris, John Hudson and the respective links)


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The last sunny polo sundays in Munich

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The Vamos a la Playa Teaser

Here it is, the teaser of Vamos a la Playa. You haven’t heart of this crazy thing before?

It is a story of seven fixed gear riders who decided to take the hard way from Stuttgart to Barcelona by bike. About 1500 km of hills, countryside, nature, sea and a lot of fun. They left Stuttgart the 23th of July and arrived in Barcelona 10 days later, the 2nd of August.

Here is the teaser we have been waiting for so long:

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The Indoor-surrounded-by-nature-tournament, the 1st Imperia Tourney in Konstanz, is getting closer. Here is the format we play within two days:

The 32 teams are set into 4 groups carefully considering that each city is represented only once per group if possible. Each group gets it’s own small circle and each team plays against the next 2 teams clockwise and counter-clockwise respectively the team on the opposite. This means that each team has five games in the preliminary round.

So team 8 plays against the teams 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 but not against teams 3 and 1. Team 3 for example will play against the teams 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 but not against teams 6 and 8. All games after the preliminary round will be normal single elimination.

All circles are posted here.

Das wird ein Spaß!

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German Radpolo meets Bike Polo

Here it is the German version of bike polo, called Radpolo:

Not so long ago we had a German Radpolo team over for some Sunday tea. They came from Nürnberg and stayed the whole day playing polo with us. Some have been playing the German version of bike polo for 15 years, some for only half a year. They play indoors, 2 vs. 2, on a smaller court than the hardcourt version, and with special bikes: fixed gears, the seating position way back above the rear wheel. Only girls are allowed to play in the German Radpolo league. After having set a Guiness World record for playing Radpolo for 24 hours last year, their new experiment is to move to concrete, build up mixed teams and to kick all hardcourt asses!

Admittedly, it was strange to play them; they are more agile than we ever could be. Their gear ratio of 1:1 is better for a smaller court.
It was great fun! Thanks for opening our minds beyond hardcourt bike polo!


The wooden mallets are the official Radpolo mallets, same with the ball, bigger than our hockey ball



The first tests of the Radpolo bikes, fixed, 1:1 ratio, straight fork, flattened seat post



Getting to know the hardcourt



Hardcourt vs Radpolo



hard games


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Dennis Fischer from Bike Polo Stuttgart

Dennis plays for Bike Polo Stuttgart, but it’s just one of his many passions. He’s not only good in polo but also quite elegant on his bike.

Now the ball is in your court!


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Just another polo sunday in Munich

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